Speciality Tape

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Many tapes fall in the category of Speciality tapes because they have multiple applications. It has an extensive catalog and details that will match the requirement of many users. However, it would be difficult to cover all the requirements and the various types of tapes that fall under it due to its broad use.

Their various properties include resistance to abrasion and chemicals. Besides this, there are other features that other tapes may not include. The most used tapes amongst many that you will find with us is the double-sided tissue tape. These tapes are made up of non-woven tissue paper and it is coated with rubber of acrylic along with lamination. The advantage of using this tape is that they are easily tearable by hand, durable, good bonding, and performs optimum at mid-temperature. There are other options to look for besides double-sided tissue tape. Specialty tape has always been the preferred choice of many more.

About Speciality Tape